Rick (electronicoffee) wrote in queergeeks,

HElp! Music Video Unanswered!

I've been looking for the title and/or artist name
for a music video that came out (I believe) sometime
this year (2007)- possibly in late 2006. It's an electronic
music, DJ, or dance video .. it's got a girl who's got a
compulsion to dance, constantly.. she goes through life
constantly dancing- people think she's weird, then she
meets a guy who has the same condition and they fall in
love, dancing constantly.. even during giving birth..
scene cuts to them raising a family, and their kids dance constantly too.
Please help, this has been bugging me for days!!
PS: NO! It is not Axwell's - Feel The Vibe. Which is only 1/2 as good anyways.
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