Paradox (girlabomination) wrote in queergeeks,

Looking for Table Top Gamers -- Old WoD (Near Seattle)

I'm thinking it might be nice to get an old school WoD game going for Vampire (or one of the other genres if there is more interest). Sooooo, I'm curious if there are any table top gamers in the Seattle area who might be interested. I like running storylines and know the system almost like the back of my hand.

In an ideal situation, I feel it would be nice to have a large player base (8-15 players), but run each game session with a smaller number of people (3-5). I feel that by doing this there is less pressure for people to feel like they always have to be at game sessions (real life comes first), and I feel that it's better for being able to get semi-spontaneous game sessions together. "I'm bored... Lets run a game. OK! Call (blah) need to talk to (blah's character). OK. Let's invite (Blahbity, and Blahzer). (Blazer) can't make it.. Ok Next on the list..." There's an appeal to me in having the capacity of going from bored to having a table full of gamers who had also been previously bored on just a few hours notice.

A word on my gaming style when I run chronicles... I like to focus alot on dramatics and placing characters into situations where there are emotional and moral conflicts that play a dominant role over the physical ones. This isn't to say that I am the type of ST that avoids combat like the plague, because I know I'm more than capable of handling it, but rather I simply find these kinds of struggles as well as those where people have to figure out exactly what the heck is going on to be more intriguing and memorable than the ones where the characters have a very narrow "Go kill this. Done. Yay you saved the day" feel to them.

If you are interested, the best way to contact me is probabally just e-mailing at PrincessParadox at AOL dot com.
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