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Back at it Again....

March 11, 2005 -- MADONNA is firing back at Boy George after the '80s pop star blasted her for cynically bilking her gay fans...

George says Madonna's devotion to Kabbalah is the ultimate act of hypocrisy. "It's ironic that she's joined an organization that says homosexuality is a disease that can be cured and no one picks her up on it," George told the London Times. "After making all those millions of dollars out of gay people, pretending to kiss girls, pretending to be a lesbian! I think she's cynical."

** I think she has changed, we all loved the Blond Ambition startlett who ran naked down a street for her book, and kissed Sandra Bernhard for giggles.. she use to be Edgy, Provocative, In-Your-Face, Brash and un-appologetic.. she is NONE of those things now.. she was a great icon, just not so much anymore... She us to change herself every few months, she has been the same "Esther" for years now..

--What do you think?
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